Wild beauty and enduring communities on the "Islands at the Edge of the Sea"
  1. Rhenigidal  - youth hostel by an idyllic Scottish fjord on Harris
  2. Griminish Point (North Uist) looking to St Kilda – the last nails of western Britain
  3. Callanish -  compelling, enigmatic stone circles on west coast of Lewis
  4. Irridescent beaches on west coast of Harris, the golden road on the east
  5. Cladh Hallan  - Neolithic settlement on machair in South Uist
  6. Ferries: Berneray to Leverburgh and Tarbert to Skye

The elemental beauty and distinctive wildness of the islands are as exciting and memorable as any particular locations.  Much is visually stunning, especially the beaches and seascapes, so expect surprises.  Make sure your waterproofs are fit for purpose – rain arrives from every angle, in circling spray and as stair rods. These deep-rooted communities are now thriving after centuries of heroic endurance. Tourism is a welcome, but incidental, addition. Plenty of history to set the visitor thinking. Above all just absorb a unique and still challenging environment.
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